The Beaded Cave


On New Year's Eve I stated working on what I call the Beaded Cave. When it is finished it will be a 10' x 15' enclosure. Complete with stalactites, stalagmites, an iolite pool, boxwood, dripstone and more. My rough estimate of completion is five years from now.


Several years ago I watched a documentary called "Cave of Forgotten Dreams". They had to be careful about the equipment they brought in so most of what they used were headlamps. As I watched I saw the calcite sparkle and thought of how beads sparkle. That night I had my own dreams of beaded caves. An idea was born.


Due to other beading commitments, mainly art grants, I could not start on it until now. The time feels right. Our political and social climates almost scream for a cave to hide in. And so I begin.