It's Not Nice To Fool Your Motherboard

10 x 12 x 11
Beaded Headdress


I received the Call for Entry for this exhibit right when I was in the throes of working to get my motherboard fixed. I knew the motherboard was fine, I just needed a way to get power to it. The exhibition was called simply WWW.

Artists were asked to create a piece, in their medium, that symbolized what the internet meant to them and how it had changed the way they processed information. The form that I have been working with for the last couple of years is headdresses, I instantly saw this headdress in my mind. Connecting to the internet can make you feel like a queen, but any little issue can change that quickly into a Medusa type feeling. The Medusa features here are made out of USB ports with a bead crocheted rope. The cabochons are pieces of circuit board.

This headdress tied for first place at the WWW Exhibition.